Hiring a website designer can be overwhelming at times, and here at CRICH Creative, we recognize that, and we want to include things you should consider when hiring someone to take on, or join you, in that part of your business. Your website is essentially a virtual business card, it’s a place to add credibility to what your business is, allows various ways your clients and/or customers can contact you, showcases your work, make sales, and much more.

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What You Should Know

You should have the ability to speak with your prospective website designer/developer – your opinion should matter, after all, it is your business.

As an example, think of them as building your home (not simply a house). You want the ability to recommend sidings and garage colours, roof top shingles and door handles. This is your dream home (your business). What will that first impression be?

Having an open line of communication is key – and one thing we pride ourselves on at CRICH Creative. Allow the designer an opportunity to know you – your business – and allow them to bring your vision to life.

More than just pretty pictures and contact information

Web design is more than just making pretty pictures; a designer should be knowledgable about concepts like calls to action, organizing your site’s content, and setting up layouts that will meet your goals for the site. This is why it’s also important to make sure that home you’re designing, also comes with an interior designer. Someone who will help you achieve the inside look as well – from quality content, to titles, well written descriptions and really capture who you are.

At CRICH Creative, we call that, content writer – someone who is specicialized in adding the content needed ‘inside’ so that the ‘outside’ can be viewed on major search engines and directories.

Top Three Things To Consider Before Hiring A Website Designer


  1. Does the designer/developer’s style, match yours? Always ask for a portfolio of a designers work. Get an idea and feel for their niche, communicate with them – see that you are able to connect with them in your vision, this will only compliment the execution.
  2. Ask about site maintenance. Find out what exactly is included in your initial costs – will this include content, updates, regular maintenance, etc. Be sure you don’t come across hidden fees as you go along. A great designer/developer should be upfront with the whole picture – this will not only give you piece of mind, but will allow you to see all the benefits of working with them.
  3. How available is the designer? Ensure from the beginning, that communication is reasonable. Too often we come across clients who have been burned by previous designers – sent money, site delivered, no further contact. Your website should be an ongoing reflection of you – thus, ongoing updates, tweaks or at the very least communication, should be available. Basically, is the designer looking to build a working relationship with you (one of the things we pride ourselves on).

If your website will be built on WordPress, (see below for some reasons it should be) the website designer/developer may customize an existing theme or template to match the mockups, or they may build a completely custom theme catered to your business needs.

  • It’s flexible. Regardless of what you’re using WordPress for, it has it. From bloggers to restaurant owners, hotels and resorts to dog groomers. Content heavy, or e-commerce. WordPress has you covered.
  • Search engine friendly. Because Google already loves the framework of WordPress, and its ability to crawl it without resistance, with the right content in place, and SEO, keywords, etc. being seen by customers looking for you – should be a much more simple task!
  • Safe and Secure. While you can practice some basic security measures, such as not downloading a theme or plugin from an untrusted site, WordPress constantly updates its software to prevent attacks. In fact, WordPress has an automatic update feature (ask your designer/developer about this!)
  • Mobile friendly. Most consumers, in 2017, are searching various websites from their smart phones – this is incredibly important to know. What may look great on a desktop, won’t always on a mobile platform – be sure to include this conversation while chatting with your web designer as well.
  • Multi-user capabilities. There’s a very good possibility that you’ll have to rely on multiple people to keep your site up and running. WordPress is aware of this and has made it easy for you to assign different roles for different individuals. (admins, editors, authors, contributors, etc)

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We hope this information was helpful for you – and if we can be of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us  today! We take immense pride in the service and quality we deliver our clients, but more importantly, in our clients businesses.





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