Video Marketing 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Is Video Marketing the wave of the future?

If you’ve done a simple search on Google lately, you might have noticed that they are now including more video marketing in the search results.

Latest statistics from YouTube tells us that they get more than a billion unique views every month.

If you can just imagine the amount of traffic you can get from just a fraction of the billions of unique views then you now know the power of video marketing;

or maybe.. you already know that.

A few tips to guide you along the road of Video Marketing:

#1 Create a video worth watching and sharing. Firstly, the truth is that video is 90% from the entire procedure. For those who have superb content, you’ll understand that it’s simpler to help make your video go virus-like. Secondly, ensure you produce something worth watching and sharing.

#2 Many people believe that video marketing is about promoting their items. There’s always a different way to do it. If you may make it humorous or perhaps a question, you will capture their interest. Don’t just restrict your videos to promoting your product or service solely.

#3 Be sure to include your website address inside your user profile or at the end of the video. There is also an option to make a link below the video, and tell your audience “click here” with an arrow. Make is super easy for them.

#4 Once you’ve made a video good enough to increase traffic, then you can be certain they will follow you and check back to see new projects every so often.

Real question is, how can you make sure they are seeing your website?

You could place a call to action or at the end of the video. Just be sure not to sound too “salesy”.

Online video marketing isn’t as difficult as it seems, all you need to keep in mind is to produce a video that offers what your audience is seeking and ensure that it carries value to what they need and are sourcing the web.

Do a little bit of fine-tuning to maximize publicity. Just stick to the easy steps and you’ll begin to see success of your video marketing achievement very quickly.

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