Ye Olde Smartphone Class

In the days of yore, a simple class system separated the masses. There were the haves–the nobility, and the have-nots–the peasant class. Today, in the world of

technology, it is much the same. The haves are attached to their beloved smartphones, always ready to check traffic, search Google or find answers on IMDB. The have-nots are a unique range of defiant non-users, cautious technophobes and those who pine away waiting for mom and dad to give in or an old contract to run out.

The difference between the peasants of old and the have-nots of today, however, is that many of the have-nots will move fluidly into the smartphone ”nobility,” what Catherine Boyle of eMarketer has dubbed the “smartphone class.”

Characteristics of the Smartphone Class

They’re the ones you see at the doctor’s office playing a game while they wait to get called in. The ones on the subway perusing their email. The ones in line at Disneyland checking their stock. The ones that a recent article on eMarketer states are proving “spare moments can be productive ones too.”

The article suggests that the smartphone class is not just made up of gamers and text-happy youth, but a random assortment of people with a shared behavior – namely, owning and using a smartphone.

Smartphone Class on the Rise

The incredible pocket-sized technology that makes smartphones possible is far from extinction. In fact, eMarketer predicts that 116 million Americans will use a smartphone on at least a monthly basis by the end of 2012 – that’s over 20 million more members of the smartphone class than in 2011. And, by 2016, it’s estimated that 60% of all mobile phone users will own a smartphone. And the smartphone class shall inherit the earth!

Greater Demand for Apps

Among the smartphone class, there’s never a dull moment because individuals always have their phones in their pockets and can check email, Facebook, play a game or shop for their favorite brands. They’re essentially connected 24-7, which makes it easier than ever for businesses to reach their customers. And how can they best keep customers engaged and focused on their brand? With mobile apps, of course!

So the next time you’re pitching apps to local businesses, be sure to mention the ever-growing smartphone class. They’re not elitist and they’re growing in number every day. With engaging apps and push notifications, your clients could penetrate smartphone users and turn them into loyal customers, but they need your help to make that happen. So get out there resellers, and developers, work on creating apps that will keep the smartphone class interested, especially in short spurts of time when they’re most apt to switch their phones on!