Text to Park System Saves Canadians Time and Money

A new parking system launched by the Calgary Parking Authority allows customers to pay for their parking spot via text message.

The new system means that customers are able to park at any supported public parking meter (including surface lots, ParkPlus zones, and parkades) and simply send a text to pay.

With over 76% of Canadians having cellular telephones, I’m betting that value far outstripes the number of Canadians that carry adequate pocket change.

While “Text to Park” accounts must be created in advance, the process is dead simple.  Once parked, simply text the four-digit parking zone number found on your meter or parking spot to PPLUS (77587).

The completely automated system has no transaction fees, but the minimum value chargeable for surface lots is $1.00, and the minimum can vary depending on parking facilities.

The great thing about a system like this is how dynamic it is.  Stuck in a meeting and want to add more time to your session? Just text the CPA and money is added.  Done early and have time left on the meter? Text the CPA and get credited for unused time.  The CPA are also developing an iPhone app, most likely available this fall, to make parking management even easier.